Rapid Return to Results

Access your Positive Potential®

Own your Inner Game

When you access your Positive Potential®, the state where you are powerful, creative, intuitive, emotionally stable and in control of your response-ability, you become unstoppable. Success runs through your veins and becomes inevitable.

Everything changes as you step up and take back the control over your mind! 


  • You stop concerning yourself with what others think

  • You make decisions quickly and easily

  • You live your life with a clear purpose that's perfectly in line with your values 

  • You make an impact on the world

  • You are proud to have a voice, to be seen, to be brilliant

This is the game changer, your legacy. This is you showing up, connecting, releasing yourself from judgements, blasting through barriers and experiencing what it really means to be totally free.

What is Positive Potential®?

Positive Potential® is the potential you hold to live your life in the full expression of who you are, in your most positive state. This is the state in which you find your true power, where you are unrelenting in moving towards your vision for life.  


This is an experience designed specifically for ambitious, forward thinking, freedom seeking individuals who want to break the bonds of mediocrity.


You know you can achieve amazing things, but you self sabotage, overthink to the point of indecision, or find yourself unable to get past old ways of thinking or being. You are getting in your own way.


Working with me puts you back in control of your mind and injects fuel into your desires so they become stronger than your fear. This is when your Positive Potential® can come to the fore and create your future with true internal power. 

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Before my sessions with Nova I was struggling to breakthrough my current income ceiling and needed to help uncover what was holding me back. I'd tried all the mindset tools and techniques I could do alone but couldn't put my finger on what was still missing. 

Effortlessly, Nova got to the root of the issue and eliminated the beliefs that were keeping me stuck! Highly recommend Nova and her Mindset magic!

Kimberley Taylor, Mindset & Money Coach


About Me

I've been a Psychotherapist and Coach for the last 20 years. My own blended method of working is created to rapidly return individuals to their natural 'results zone', this is what I refer to as their Positive Potential® state. I'm entrepreneurially motivated, an award winning Business Strategist and CEO of Mind Detox Collective. In my early 20's I was one of only 5 businesses in the UK selected to become an official referral of Barclays Bank. I currently deliver workshops and consultancy services into creative, fresh start-ups and corporates like DMG, Global Media, Havas and TikTok. My 1:1 clients include CEO's, Founders and Global Heads of Business and...you?


"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become"

Carl Jung

Cliff Hiking

Ask about Corporate Rates

I work with companies to offer their staff coaching, therapy, training and consulting on mental health and wellbeing initiative's. There are several options available for you to be able to support your employees via training, workshops, webinars and 1:1 Coaching and Therapy.

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