As much as you might love to be the Coach for everyone on your workforce - the person who comes to the rescue and has all the answers for whatever is going on for them emotionally or psychologically…the reality of the situation, is that not knowing the right words to say or the right action to take next, unfortunately has the very real possibility of making things worse. 


As a successful leader, I know you don’t want that to happen.


Even if you are actually a trained coach yourself or have mental health training, there is still a really specific reason why what I'm about to say also applies to you. 


There is an art to facilitation, the process of working through emotional and psychological challenges with another human being. 


I went to university for three years and upon graduating did a further three years of post graduate training, I thought I was good at it.


Nope! The real world taught me I wasn’t, I didn’t get really good until I was 12 years in. We, myself and the team I handpicked to call upon, didn’t really get to call ourselves legitimate until we’d worked for 100’s of hours with clients and helped them find the paths that led to putting an end to their self sabotage. 


And 20 years later, I am STILL constantly and never-endingly working on the newest innovations that come to light in my profession so that I can continually better my best. 


The thing is, employees, no matter what their age, see their employer (even the ones trained as coaches), in the same light they would a parent. It’s been my experience that children, almost without exception, will never confide 100% in their parents.


But with a trusted external professional these same people open their soul wide open because therapists, coaches and mentors are bound by client confidentiality.


You, as CEO or HR Director are the parent in this equation who they would never fully open up to, not because you aren’t a great person or a compassionate one, but because they fear it back firing on them. 


Think about it…Your employees are never going to tell you why they are only working at 65% of their potential and have been getting paid for 100% effort.


If by chance, you do end up finding out that the reason for their declining performance is because, for example, their husband or wife is cheating on them…what are you going to do about it? How are you going to make it better? 


If that has raised your stress levels and left you wondering what on earth you are going to do to handle the real world stuff that happens to your employees without putting undue pressure on them and to get them working at optimal levels as a team, then I have an answer for you. 


You wouldn’t hire a florist to do your accounting, and if you didn’t know how to do your own accounting you wouldn’t just hope that all that maths would magically work itself out if you just shoved the bills in a drawer and never looked at them. 


You use an accountant because they are the best person for the job.


So if it makes sense for you to hire a trained professional to do your books so you don’t go out of business…why would it not make sense to hire a trained professional to make sure that your staff are in the right place emotionally and mentally to work at their full potential? 


Some rare people in life can make the most of a difficult situation and continue to perform at a high level, most cannot…unless…they are shown how, by the right people, in the best way. Then, they can bring their best selves to your business and to your customers day after day. 


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Before my sessions with Nova I was struggling to breakthrough my current income ceiling and needed to help uncover what was holding me back. I'd tried all the mindset tools and techniques I could do alone but couldn't put my finger on what was still missing. 

Effortlessly, Nova got to the root of the issue and eliminated the beliefs that were keeping me stuck! Highly recommend Nova and her Mindset magic!

Kimberley Taylor, Mindset & Money Coach


About Me

I've been a Psychotherapist and Coach for the last 20 years. My own blended method of working is created to rapidly return individuals to their natural 'results zone', this is what I refer to as their Positive Potential® state. I'm entrepreneurially motivated, an award winning Business Strategist and CEO of Mind Detox Collective. In my early 20's I was one of only 5 businesses in the UK selected to become an official referral of Barclays Bank. I currently deliver training and consultancy services into creative, fresh start-ups , SME's and corporates like DMG, Global Media, Havas and TikTok. My 1:1 clients include CEO's, Founders and Global Heads of Business and High Profile Individuals.