I work with influential leaders who know or sense that they have a bigger mission and vision, that goes beyond what they are doing within their role now, but they feel constrained by the expectations of the box they currently fit into. 

When your current role is an influential leader within the advertising space but you sense that your true legacy is to change the way we educate our young, it can feel like you are starting again, that you might lose the influence you currently have, or people might even assume you've gone a little crazy or have become consumed by ego! 

My clients are successful and have all the financial and lifestyle benefits that go with that success, but there is still a nagging dissatisfaction. Not because they don't love their job or the business they have created, but because there is something deeper calling to them now. It looks like a major pivot, it doesn't make much sense, but in fact, it's what they are really here to do. Everything else has been part of the journey to get here and it does, always, end up making perfect sense. 

Once the legacy is understood and the bonds of belief around it are dissolved so it can be free to express itself, you go from successful and unsatisfied to iconic and euphoric. 

You become a legacy of iconic impact in the world.

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About Me

I've been a Psychotherapist and Coach for the last 20 years with a background in Philosophy and Psychology. 


I'm entrepreneurially motivated and an award winning Business Strategist. In my early 20's I was one of only 5 businesses in the UK selected to become an official referral of Barclays Bank for start-ups. I helped hundreds of start-ups and their owners to design a vision that had a heartbeat of its own. 


I currently deliver training and consultancy services into creative, high growth start-ups and corporates like DMG, Global Media, Havas, EE, Sainsbury's, Rightmove, Spotify and TikTok.


My private clients include household names who have been featured on TV and in the media, Global Senior Leaders in some of the world's most iconic and coveted companies, political figures, winners of prestigious awards and Founders of companies worth millions.