Working Together

Discover your Positive Potential®

Rapid Results Session

Get Motivated and Increase Productivity £295

90 Minute strategy session to get you back on track with the motivated mindset that returns you to a place of action. Start to make clear decisions about your life and re-energise your desires and goals so they propel you towards where you want to go.

Beige and Gray Minimalist Quote Instagra
Beige and Gray Minimalist Quote Instagra

Positive Potential® 12 Week Deep Dive

Success with Purpose and Meaning £5000

Your Positive Potential® is both a process and a state. In this 12 week deep dive we'll work through the process of unlocking your Positive Potential® to achieve the state of living within it.


By the end of the 12 weeks you will have all the tools and wisdom required to achieve incredible results and remain in this state long-term. 

  • Discover your purpose and the phenomenal advantage this gives you when it comes to making an impact and experiencing outstanding success.

  • Make relentless passion your 'normal' and feel on fire with the joy you have for life.

  • Experience all the untapped potential inside you and proclaim who you are with fearless conviction.

  • Sky rocket to levels you didn't even know were available to you, let alone being able to imagine them right now.

Positive Potential® Group Gather

Using Collaboration for Activation £2500

The Group Gather is a place of collaboration and community where you experience personal growth together. For six months we work on specific group coaching modules and discover how to reach your Positive Potential®. There are many roads to reach the same destination and if working with others is what lights you up and holds you accountable then this is your path.

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Let's have a session together! You can book a free 30 min session with Nova to help you discover your Core Vlaue system and understand how this points towards your purpose for life and the key for unlocking your Positive Potential®

I want to experience my Positive Potential®

Complimentary 30 Min Session with me to uncover your values and understand how these help you discover your purpose in life.

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