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1:1 Coaching & Therapy

The best way by far to support your employees and team members is with a confidential 1:1 service to support their personal wellbeing through difficult times, or to continue their growth after a promotion or transition. 1:1's can be offered to individuals as on-going support or with a specific number of sessions allocated. They can also sign up for a session via my Coaching Surgeries option where you block book a morning or afternoon and offer slots to the whole team that they can book voluntarily.

Workshops & Training

When you want to empower your teams with the skills and knowledge to deliver better feedback, to improve productivity, to reduce stress and anxiety, to get a better work life balance or become a better leader; a workshop or series of training sessions are ideal. I deliver workshops to a huge number of companies and create programmes of change that are bespoke to you.

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In a Meeting
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Whether you are designing a new service or product that has it's roots in psychology or mental health, making a change to your Culture, have a wellbeing programme in place that is not performing as you would like or are looking to design a wellbeing programme in-house that will work for you, consultancy with me is a great way to ensure you are on track for a successful outcome.