The Philosophy of Positive Potential®

"The price of not consciously taking the journey to expand into our capacity for greatness, is mediocrity."


We all live our lives along a Spiral Scale® that runs between positive and negative.


Let's say this is between 0-10, with 0 being the most negative expression and 10 being the most positive. 


We sit somewhere between the two polarities, but will spiral down when things get difficult and spiral up when things are going well, not really thinking too much about the effects of this constant oscillation.


Sound familiar?


Our experiences, patterns of thought and resulting habitual behaviours will determine where you find yourself most often.


We tend to see ourselves as stuck here within the boundaries of this available 'normal' without much hope of moving above and beyond it.  

Living at the negative end of the scale, to put it simply, would be to harness your potential for harm, towards yourself and others. 

Living life at the positive end of the scale would be harnessing your potential for greatness, to uplift yourself and others.

The price of not consciously taking the journey to expand your 'normal' into its capacity for greatness, is mediocrity. 

This is where most of us live our lives, never spiralling down into the full extent of our potential for harm and destruction, but also never realising the fullness of our Positive Potential®. We stay safely and firmly in the middle, within the normal realms of mediocre lives. 

If you want to discover and live within the full spectrum of your potential and explore who you are when you are expressing everything in the positive, then start by making a decision right now, to own it.