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Helping those on the success trajectory find purpose, ignite motivation and break the bonds of mediocrity

"The price of not consciously taking the journey to expand our capacity for greatness, is mediocrity" - Nova Cobban

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You are ambitious, but you've always held back, nervous of what true power and success would mean for you and those around you. You want success though, much more than you let on, even to yourself.

You know the truth is that you are capable of more, but your mind is strong-willed and highly intelligent. If you start to believe that you can't have everything you want, you tend to give up before the journey ends to protect yourself from failure. Better to have an intact sense of self than to fail and be exposed.

If you can just find someone as strong as you are to understand and challenge you, to show you how to get beyond the bonds of mediocrity, you would be set free and never look back. This is the last hurdle for you.

You've always been very independent of mind though, so the idea of following someone else's agenda for you, however appealing at the start, never quite satisfies you. They have to be able to hold your energy, to see you fully (because you are clever about how you portray yourself and someone needs to see through that before you can trust them) to quickly understand who you are and what you are really about.

You don't have time or space for yet another road to nowhere.

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You feel uncomfortable with excelling, it smacks of arrogance and that's not who you are. How do you express your excellence whilst maintaining empathy and compassion? Can you really express your true self without leaving something vital behind? Will you turn into an insufferable bore only concerned with success and money? Aren't there more important things in life that you should be grateful for, isn't this enough?

At school you were bright but your reports were littered with 'you have so much potential' and 'could do better' and it seems like ever since, you have lived up to that idea of 'could' and having 'potential' but not knowing what that looks like or how to live within it. You've never really shone in the way you know you could.

At times you have of course, which just makes it even more frustrating when you stall or get trapped in your own fears again.

You've allowed others opinions to strangle you (even though you tell yourself you haven't), you stay sat on the fence with your opinions and ideas for fear of stirring up conflict, which you avoid, unless you are really angry and those times just leave you feeling like you let yourself down.

That conflict that you are avoiding in the outside world, is bubbling away in your inner world though, it's still there.


Instead of expressing yourself with confidence and purpose you keep it all inside and cover it with an 'I'm fine' and keep over delivering. Instead of heading for success you are heading for burnout and overwhelm whilst still not achieving anything of note. 

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What would it mean if you were to fully unleash who you really are? Will people still like you? Will you be saddled with responsibility that will expose you as a fraud and challenge your sense of self? 

Perhaps it's safer to remain in a state of hopeful expectancy about the future rather than to step into your dreams now and risk the reality of not being good enough. 

Some days you are filled with enthusiasm, you are on fire and nothing can hold you back, but sooner or later you are paralysed again, everything is brought into question and your enthusiasm crashes as quickly as it arose. You are on a rollercoaster over which you seem to have no control, you want to be able to harness and direct your energy, not be slave to its whims.

You find it hard to be consistent and committed because it feels like a shackle around your creative mind which wants to move fast and achieve quickly but it's exhausting you. The chaos might be exciting but it's also debilitating and slowly eroding your confidence to continue. You need something to change but you aren't sure what, or how.

You need a powerful pause in which you can gain clarity and come to a meaningful place of commitment to change. You need the success trajectory to become a straight line instead of a series of corners that you can't see around. 

The only thing in your way is your own genius protecting itself from having a mediocre experience by waiting until you are ready to move into your Positive Potential®, ironic as it seems. You will have a mediocre experience precisely because your genius is waiting for you to believe you can have more than that, before it will fully show up. When you are ready for that to change, when you are ready to show up for more, your genius will be released and remain constant.

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Forget the future, it's never here, it's always over there. The only place and time in which you can make a change is now. 

What are you going to do now, in this moment that is presented to you that shows your genius you are ready for it to be released? 

Book a call now and tell me your story of where you want to go. I was ready for you to arrive before you even started reading this and I sure as hell won't let you run away again once you decide you are ready.

It's your call

Make it.