change or mediocrity?

The Deep Dive

This is your 'breaking into' point.

The point in time when you have decided that life from now on will look VERY different.

When you choose success as your default setting and purpose as your driving force.

When you never again betray who you are by diminishing it, hiding it or denying it.

You break the bonds of mediocrity forever and enter into your Positive Potential® state.

What to expect

Core Work

Own your Inner Game

We spend as much time here as needed. This is where we recalibrate your unhelpful belief systems, opening you up to a larger vision of who you are, doubling down on your commitment to change and cementing your ideology so that you are steadfast in your purpose whilst remaining open and agile in your approach to life. We create strong boundaries, without building walls, become action orientated whilst honouring your intuitive abilities and learn how to maintain the Positive Potential® state.

Divers Underwater

Initial Consultation

Most of us choose mediocrity over greatness. Not you though. 


Most of us fear the unknown. As we have lived our lives for generations within this narrow bandwidth of achievement and with little sense of purpose, living differently to this feels like an unknown quantity or out of our reach.


In this initial 60-90 min consultation we tackle this fear head on. By the end of the session you will understand where you have settled for mediocrity and the ways in which you have held yourself here. We map the way forward so that you enter into your Positive Potential®. 

Mountain Fog

Cementing the Future

Alter the Structure of your Future Reality

Your Positive Potential® state is fundamental to your future and the path it takes. It allows you to create your future at the deepest layer of consciousness and intentionally affect and effect your reality. We work to understand the intention for your future, the underlying principles and values that are integral to its success and the motivations that give it meaning and breathe life into it.